We are happy to work with your orders every day from 11:00 to 21:30.

Within Sadovoye Koltso Area

  • With order over 850 roubles — free delivery.
  • With order from 500roubles -   delivery will cost  250 rubles.
  • Delivery Time — from 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Payment - cash to the courier or by credit card when ordering.

    Beyond Sadovoye Koltso Area 

    Beyond Sadovoye Koltso Area delivery is carried out through Podnesi.Ru courier service portal.
    • With a minimum order for 850 roubles, delivery will cost 350 roubles.
    • Delivery time from 90 min.



    Currently, we accept roubles in cash and credit cards (within Sadovoye Ring Area).

    You are kindly requested to forewarn our operator in case you need change.

    How to pay by credit card online

    As soon as you make your order, you can immediately pay it by your credit card online.  

    You will see the appropriate button on the page when the reservation is complete.

    To pay by credit card, go to the secure payment page at the end of ordering. 

    Payment page meets the latest international safety requirements of Visa and MasterCard.

    In the process of payment by credit card, enter its number, expiry date, CVV code shown on the back side, as well as the name and contact details of the card owner. 

    Make sure that you have entered the correct data, and then click the "Pay" button.

    If your bank card supports 3D Secure technology, you will be automatically redirected to your bank website, where you will be asked to enter a secret activation code that will be sent to your phone.

    If the card details are correct, and there is enough money on your account, you will see the confirmation of  your order payment. Then you will be asked to return to the page of the store.

    Purchase return

    For full or partial refund to the card you need to contact the store. Money will be automatically returned to your card within 2-3 days. The exact date of refund depends on the duration of placement the order and the bank that issued the card ( maximum repayment period shall not exceed 30 days).

    If you have a claim for quality of service, delivery, or delivered food, please contact us:

    +7 (495) 623-44-11 Pokrovka, 16

    +7 (499) 166-93-45 SSC Semyonovsky Shopping Centre