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Style, light and friendly atmosphere as constituting parts of WokStreetCafe branded concept, get their reading in the decorative design of cafe's premises.

In this color decision of the WokStreetCafe's interior, light and natural materials perform a solo, being a living embodiment of the brand. The use of environmentally friendly materials and understanding the safety of the environment as the world's highest value, serve here as a basic accent.

The authentic atmosphere of relaxation and informality turns WokStreetCafe into a small Asian island in the middle of the metropolis ocean. WokStreetCafe is a place where you will not only be offered a delicious food, but also given pleasant moments of relaxation within the circle of your friends.


16,Pokrovka Str.,

Working Hours: from 11.00 to 23.00, seven days a week. Delivery: daily from 11.00 to 21.00.

Semenovskaya Sq., 1, 3rd Floor "Semyonovsky" Shopping Centre. Working Hours: from 10.00 to 22.00, seven days a week.

Our details:
"NEXT STEP" Limited Liability Company
Legal address: 14/19, bld. 8, room II, 127055 Moscow, Russian Federation
Actual address:  РФ, 16, Pokrovka Str., 101000 Moscow Russian Federation 
TIN 7707786173  CPR770701001 
Settlement Account 40702810100000044306 with VTB 24 (JSC) Bank, Moscow 
Correspondent Account  30101810100000000716

BIC 044525716  BIN 1127747010016
OKATO 45286585000 OKPO 11615638 OKVED 55.30

+7 (495) 623-44-11 (Pokrovka)
+7 (499) 166-93-45 (Semyonovskaya)

or write to:

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